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Sopolish Cleanse 8 ml

Sopolish Cleanse 8 ml

Article number: 27558

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  • Extends the durability of the Sopolish manicure
  • Prevents lifting or early chipping
  • No buffing and no filing of the nail

Use it to efficiently remove oily residue from the nail before applying Sopolish.

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Sopolish Cleanse is the first step of the Sopolish application. It is used to efficiently remove any oily residues from the nail plate before applying Sopolish Easy Peel, Easy Soak or Structure Base. Proper degreasing with Sopolish Cleanse makes sure the Sopolish will hold well during a full 2-3 weeks, depending on the base used.

TIP: After applying the Sopolish Cleanse, do not touch the nail plate with your fingers as this will grease the nail again.

What it is

  • Ideal preparation for any Sopolish application
  • Extends the wear time of a Sopolish manicure

Why you love it

Use of the Sopolish Cleanse will ensure a long-lasting effect on your semi-permanent manicure!

How it works

How To Use

  • Before applying SoPolish Cleanse, disinfect hands with ProNails Pro Septic and dry off with a paper tissue.
  • File the nail into the required shape.
  • Apply Sopolish Cleanse to every nail surface and tip to eliminate any oily residues.
  • Press the product well into the nail with the little short brush from the free edge towards to cuticle.
  • For guaranteed results to be used as a total system with Sopolish Start, Sopolish Colour & Sopolish Shine.


Ethyl Acetate, Ethyl Formate, Isopropyl Acetate, MEK.

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