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Pronails Profit

13 February 2023 in Salon Business Tips

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What determines your profit?


You always provide each client with a professional, top quality result. Your work and expertise therefore deserves a decent price. This may sound pretty simple, but many beauty entrepreneurs often set their prices too low, which means they don't make the profits they need to be successful. Your prices should also rise in line with the cost of living. You must have faith that your customers will appreciate your expertise.

For a BFLEX Natural Nail Treatment, you can definitely charge €65.
For BSTRONG Natural Nail Extensions, €90 for a new set and €65 for a touch-up.


How quickly you can complete one treatment has a direct impact on your sales and hence your profits. You only have a limited number of hours in a day but if you work faster, you can do more treatments per day and thus earn more. Salon clients pay for the result, not for the time spent. Also, most clients have very little time to spare themselves and so appreciate it if you can offer them the same or better results in a shorter time.

With the BFLEX and BSTRONG time-saving gels, you can provide a premium gel service in half the time because you apply them more easily, these gels require fewer steps, cure faster and require less filing. This allows you to earn twice as much.


Every day, you see a limited number of customers. They come in for a treatment with a predetermined price. However, you can achieve extra sales with every customer by providing personal advice on how they could extend the results of their manicure or pedicure with the right home care products.

With ProNails Hand, Nail & Foot Care products, you can offer your clients the same professional quality at home, as in the salon. Also, your customer knows the quality of your products, so they are also ideal as gifts for family and friends.


A satisfied customer with nails that remain perfect until the next touch-up will not only be sure to come back, she will also recommend you to others. If customers encounter loose gels, fractions, discolouration or other issues, they will need to come back in and you will have to touch up their nails for free, wasting time and messing up your schedule. Or, worst case scenario, you never see your customer again.

When you work with 1 professional system, the products and working method are so coordinated that you can always guarantee a perfect result for every customer. So don't take risks by mixing products; your customer satisfaction is worth much more!


Good turnover and profits for your beauty business always start with a decent client base and a packed schedule. So you need to offer the right trendy gel services that are in high demand AND keep your customer satisfaction high with your excellent service. However, full is full; if your diary is already crammed you will have to turn down additional clients and will not be able to increase your sales. Switch to innovative and time-saving gels, such as BFLEX and BSTRONG, to create extra space in your schedule and extra sales!


Your profit is determined by your turnover on the one hand and your costs on the other. A salon always has a series of costs that have to be taken into account. These include costs for the location, maintenance, energy consumption and also staff costs, which must always be tightly controlled. Given that you are often powerless to change these fixed costs, it is important to do everything you can to increase your turnover. These fixed costs may also increase (e.g. more expensive rent, energy prices and insurances) and, if this is the case, you will need to look at innovations and solutions to increase your sales.


Even though this is the smallest part of your costs in percentage terms, the professional products you use are also a cost that needs to be closely monitored. The key here is to always look at the total consumption cost per treatment as well as the time the products offer you, because that determines your profit. If you use many different cheap products for 1 treatment and thus take longer, you will always end up more expensive than if you use 1 innovative all-in-one product that allows you to work twice as fast.

A BFLEX Natural Nail Treatment will cost you just €1.50 worth of product. BSTRONG Natural Nail Extensions will cost you just €1.90 worth of product for a touch-up and €2.65 worth of product for a new set. Add to that the time savings, which allow you to work twice as fast and earn twice as much, and you have the cheapest and most profitable solution in your salon!


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