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Product Development Director Birgit Serruys

Product Development Director Birgit Serruys

7 January 2024 in Tech Talk

5 min reading time

Tech Talk n°8 Why it's important to fully cure the colour?

Why is it important to fully cure your colour and how do you make sure the colour is fully cured? Birgit explains it in this new Tech Talk! 

Importance of proper curing of Colour Gel

If the colour gel is not properly cured it will have an effect on the adhesion of the colour to the builder gel causing chipping, and peeling of the colour. 

The most important danger of a colour gel that is not properly cured is that it may cause allergies to clients! When the gel is removed at the next refill the uncured gel will come in contact with the skin in the form of filing dust causing skin, eye or lung allergies.  

How to ensure proper curing?

After curing the colour, it’s very important to inspect if it has been properly cured. How? By tapping the surface with a nail tool to ensure it doesn’t leave a dent or mark.  

If it does, it means the product is insufficiently cured. In such case an extra curing cycle may be needed. If the product has been applied too thick, this will not help.  When checking the curing of non-sticky colour gels like BCOLOUR, the cured product should feel dry to the touch. There should be no sticky residue on the surface.  

Product Development Director Birgit Serruys

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Product Development Director Birgit Serruys


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