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Pronails BFLEX

15 March 2023 in Salon Treatment

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Double your income with the B Gel System

Are you a beauty professional?

Then you can earn 2x more with the fastest & most natural gel nails!

As a nail technician, do you want:

 More profits

 More clients

 A better work-life balance

 Without working longer?

With the brand new B Gel system from ProNails, you can!

Because with BFLEX for short, natural gel nails or with the new BSTRONG for a natural look with extensions:

 You work much faster and more efficiently

 You work much faster and more efficiently

 And you will therefore earn more

Even DOUBLE as much!

Work smarter, not harder!

Let's do a quick calculation

  • You work on average 10 hours a day (even often without a lunch break)
  • You work an average of 1h15 on a gel treatment
  • On average, you have 8 gel clients with renewals 
  • You charge € 50 for an update
  • = you earn € 400 per day!


B Gel System to the rescue

  • Ok, we guarantee you, that if you fully switch to the B Gel System, you can cut your time in half and will earn twice as much! INCLUDING lunch break!
  • You will work on average for only 38 min on a gel treatment
  • On average, you'll have 16 gel clients with renewals
  • You still charge €50 (although you should be allowed to charge more for this service!)
  • = €800 per day!

So do the math:

  • Earning €400 more per day
  • That's €2000 more per week
  • You earn €8000 more per month

So thanks to the ProNails B Gel System, you earn twice as much!

That's our mission: We help you grow & make you shine!

We want to help you grow as an entrepreneur and that's what our partnership is all about! Make this exercise for yourself now! Based on your rates!

Want a tailor-made calculation?

Want to know how much you could earn more per month? Then fill in the form below quickly! Then we will contact you quickly and make the calculation together.


  • Time-saving
  • Natural
  • Gel

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