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colour gels
Product Development Director Birgit Serruys

Product Development Director Birgit Serruys

12 September 2022 in Salon Treatment

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Choose your colour

Perfectly coloured gel nails

Life is all about colour!

When choosing the right colour gels for your nail salons, it’s import to make sure the colour gels have a perfect curing and coverage at all times. To save time, choose a product that works fast and easy.

Choose a colour gel that applies extremely thin, you don’t want your colour gel messing up your perfectly shaped nails by being too thick. Furthermore it’s essential to go for the right packaging: low quality packaging tends to break easily which makes a complete mess in your gel cabinet. And Finally, choose your colour gels not only with your mind but also with the heart: go for colours you know your clients will fall in love with!

The colour process from A to Z

The benefits of Gellak colours

Highly Pigmented colours

  • ProNails Gellak colours are highly pigmented colour gels with a perfect coverage in 2 thin layers.
  • They allow fast & perfect curing.
  • Every Gellak colour cures perfectly in 30 seconds using The Smart Light
  • They apply extremely thin which is perfect for a very natural nail look.
  • They apply extremely easy. You don’t waist time ‘modelling’ your colour gel onto the nail, you simply apply it in a few strokes and the Gellak enwrappes the nailplate perfectly even, thanks to its self-levelling properties.
  • They come in a uniquely designed and safe packaging which keeps the colour gel locked inside at all times, never breaks, allows to empty the jar to the last drop, and comes with a build-in stroke-of edge.
  • Gellak colours have no sticky layer after curing so you save time.
  • They come in the most beautiful & magical colours you’ll ever find, with on-trend hits as well as timeless elegant classics.
  • They have Matching colours in Sopolish and nail polish.


  • It’s essential to use the right brush when applying ProNails Gellak. The Premium Brush n° 5 allows to apply Gellak in extremely thin layers, yet thick enough to ensure a perfect coverage.
  • Always mix your Gellak Colour with a mixing stick.


  • Don’t apply your Gellak colours too thick. Not only is it not pretty, Gellak is made to cure quickly in very thin layers.
Product Development Director Birgit Serruys

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Product Development Director Birgit Serruys


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