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Nail Colours for Winter

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With the transition to the winter season, our focus shifts to the timeless elegance of winter classics as nail color.

Imagine deep, lush hues that reflect the breathtaking cosmos of winter. Classic red tones, nude, pink, black, white and the otherworldly Beyond Beauty winter colors are part of our BCOLOUR end-of-year collection. These winter nail colors capture the essence of the holidays and the enchantment of heavenly winter landscapes.

The collection consists of 9 ProNails winter classics in BCOLOUR. The color gel to use with the B System gels BFLEX and BSTRONG.

Discover the 9 must-have nail colors for winter. Now available in BCOLOUR!

Winter colours for gel nails

What is BCOLOUR?

As you know, BCOLOUR is a time-saving color gel from the B System that you can apply in 1 layer. You can apply this gel to five fingers at the same time before hardening, without having to worry about the color disappearing from the cuticle or free edge.

BCOLOUR is super versatile! You can effortlessly combine this color gel with other BFLEX and BSTRONG gels to complete your B System. Earlier this fall we launched 6 Haute Nature BCOLOUR colour gels and 6 Beyond Beauty BCOLOUR colour gels. This winter, 9 new BCOLOURS will be added.


Available Now

New from November 6: 4 essential nail colors. Now in BCOLOUR: black, white, natural and natural with gloss. The BCOLOURS that every nail professional must have. Discover them in the B System Box together with BFLEX Clear and BSTRONG Clear.

essential bcolour gel nails


Romantica is a soft and soothing nail color, akin to a soft, rosy dawn with subtle glitter, which evokes a feeling of delicate elegance and tranquility. Perfect for creating understated and elegant nail designs.

Extreme White

A fresh and magical white with a milky undertone. It's like your nails sliding over a smooth silk dress. Perfect for a white manicure, a French manicure or as a base for nail art.

white gel manicure

Emanuelle Naturelle

Emanuelle Natuerelle is a stony skin tone with a mix of soft coral and dusty pink. Natural colors that seem to come straight from nature. It is a versatile and inviting color that adds a touch of natural beauty to any design.

Noir de Noir

Noir de Noir offers endless possibilities for sleek, classic black manicures that radiate sophistication. Black provides the perfect backdrop to showcase your unique style, making it a favorite choice for those who want to make a bold and memorable statement with their nails. Use Noir de Noir as a base to create Cosmic Cat Eye Nail art looks.

black gel manicure

Powder Pinks

Available Now

The Powder Pinks collection is a range of pink and burgundy shades that are destined to become the crown jewels of your nail art collection. With these delicate yet vibrant shades you can create winter nails that are as versatile as they are breathtaking.

Discover the BCOLOURS that are included in the B System Box together with BFLEX Clear and BSTRONG Clear.

powder pinks bcolour gel nails

I've got your back

I've Got Your Back is a rich, deep mauve shade that is perfect for both classic and modern looks, making it a favorite choice for formal occasions, romantic evenings or even everyday use. This deep mauve shade adds the perfect touch of luxury to any manicure.

Nostalgic Rose

This deep burgundy shade can also be used as a base for nail art, providing a rich and luxurious backdrop for creative designs that really stand out. You can use this color for a timeless and refined look or as an artistic expression.

nostalgic rose - gel nails

Chàteau Margaux

Château Margaux is a rich and bold deep red color that radiates passion and drama. This color can make a statement in your nail design and make a bold and memorable statement.

Mani Monday

Mani Monday is a beautiful and soft soft pink shade with a hint of warmth, a versatile choice. This delicate shade of nail color can be used to create a sleek and elegant nude manicure or this timeless color can serve as a base color for stunning ombre effects.

mani monday - gel nails

Red Canapé

Available Now

Red has always been the color of passion, sophistication and timeless allure. With the Red Canapé B System Box, you can create the most beautiful nail looks that have graced fashion for generations.

BCOLOUR Red Canapé is available in two different boxes, with 3x BLFEX Clear or 3x BSTRONG Clear, because this red classic fits perfectly with both short and long gel manicures.

Red Canapé

The classic and timeless color red from ProNails is a pure and vibrant red that will forever appeal to the imagination. This iconic color embodies the essence of sophistication and allure. Perfect for those red Christmas nails!

red gel nails

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