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Magnifying Stamper

Article number: 30313

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Stamping tool with magnifying glass! 

  • Magnifying effect
  • Stamping tool
  • Ideal for mini-French looks
  • Very Precisely

This stamping tool is transparent and has a magnifying effect, so you can use it very precisely. You can make the most beautiful stamping nail art with it, such as the summery mini-French looks with a very precise, narrow smile line. They often come in different colours, such as the multi-colour French look with the new SS24 colours you can find on the back cover! 

How it works

How To Use

  • Apply BFLEX or BSTRONG Clear to the already prepared nail. Cure 30 SOFT. 
  • Remove the sticky layer with Non Acetone Polish Remover. 
  • Apply a thin layer of BCOLOUR to the stamper (in a strip line shape). 
  • Hold the stamper vertically and push it against the free edge of the nail. Place the free edge just below the gel line - not in the middle - to avoid colour gel under the free edge. You can also push the stamper slightly more but left and right, to express the curve of the French more. Cure 30 FULL.  
  • Do the building phase with BSTRONG or BFLEX Clear. Cure 30 SOFT.  
  • Remove the sticky layer with Non Acetone Polish Remover.



  •  Feel free to apply the French after the building phase and just finish with a gloss coat of BSTRONG or BFLEX Clear. Remember to remove the sticky layer first before you draw the smile line.  
  • Do you have any stamping plates left? Use them in combination with this new stamping tool! With BCOLOUR you can create a beautiful stamping look, in one single layer!   

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