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These are the new nail trend colours Spring Summer 2024

Now available

Start Spring 2024 with a real dopamine boost for every salon customer and create a bright and shiny Technicolour world with these new High-Tech nail colour trends ! With these stimulating backlit brights, you create virtual on-screen colour effects on your salon customers' nails, blurring the physical and the digital in a surrealistic way. The High-technicolours are bright but not childlike, hyper but not acid. Each colour is a standalone powerhouse: a crystal-clear blue, a punchy orange, a magical lilac, an artificial green, a fierce fuchsia and a bubbly pink. And even a next-level neon red. If you put these mood-enhancing tones together in unexpected combinations, you get a completely fresh and futuristic vibe.

High Technicolour | ProNails collection Summer 2024


Achieving these bright punchy colours demands genuine High-Tech skills, especially since they are crafted in the unparalleled salon quality formulas ProNails is renowned for: LongWear, Sopolish, Gellak, and the brand new BCOLOUR. Our in-house R&D, lab, and rigorous testing set us apart in the beauty industry, which is something you too can be proud of and depend upon!


Technicolour takes inspiration from an old cinema technique, creating vivid, almost unreal colours on the screen. Much like its cinematic roots, our Technicolour collection unveils a world of vibrant colours that are unparalleled in real life.


In creating these High-technicolour marvels, we used cosmetic neon pigments to ensure a luminous, backlit effect. While these neon pigments may subtly fade under regular UV sunlight, they remain the only safe and approved method to achieve such dazzling colour effects in nail gels.

High Technicolour | New Professional Nailcolours

Neon bright yet sweet as nectar


Enter the world of NEONECTAR, a punchy, powerful orange with almost neon-like intensity, softened by a smart, corally undertone. It's a perfect fusion of vibrancy and elegance.

High-energy cotton candy pink


Since pinks are having a moment we added another pink to this bright mood uplifting trend palette. It’s a neon cotton candy pink, perfect for BUBBLY ENERGY people. It’s not soft, it’s not girly, it’s not baby pink – it’s bubbly, it’s energetic and genderless pink!

Fashion forward cyber lime


This absolute POWER SHADE close to lime green, got artificially brightened to the point of cyber perfection. On top of the charts in every trend report, this fashion forward hue allows you to be the future of nail styling. Available in Gellak, Sopolish and LongWear only.

In BCOLOUR we launch the popular next-level neon red Stuck In The Game to complete the BCOLOUR High-Technicolour Collection.

Your happy place


MALIBLUE, a softer but equally robust shade, uplifts the mood with its bright sky blue reminiscent of the clearest skies. Picture the happiest place to live, and you'll find it in the radiant hue of MALIBLUE.

Fierce fuchia to beat the stereotypes


Burst into joy with BURST OF JOY, a daring fuchsia pink that transcends the girlish stereotypes of the past. After millennial pink, Valentino Pink and Barbie pink, this new bold, rich, and undeniably classy colour marks the evolution of pink into a symbol of strength and femininity.

For trendsetting digital natives


Talking about digitally inspired colours: LAVISH LILAC is here to make your world brighter and bolder! We’ve seen it in very high-technical fabrics and metallic finishings. To create this metallic pearlescent silver effect, you can cover this colour, or all other High-technicolours for that matter, with the Liquid Pearl Chrome effect!

Relaunch red nail colour

Next-level neon red


To complete the High Technicolour Collection, we relaunch STUCK IN THE GAME: a next-level neon red that has captivated ProNails enthusiasts since its Summer 2020 debut. Now, new in BCOLOUR, it promises to be an undisputed hit, ensuring your nails remain at the forefront of high-tech, high-fashion brilliance.

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