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6 November 2023 in New Collection

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Cosmic Cat Eye Gels

Immerse yourself in the cosmic allure of our Cat Eye Collection! Building upon the enchanting cosmic glam look of the Beyond Beauty collection, we invite you to explore new dimensions of nail art that are simply out of this world.

Discover the limitless possibilities and artistic expression our Cat Eye Collection offers, as it embraces the latest cosmic nail art trends. With every brush stroke and each unique shade, we encourage you to transcend traditional beauty and embrace a universe of boundless creativity.

Discover the New Cosmic Cat Eye Gel

The new type of galaxy manicure is here to transport you to another dimension. This collection is truly inspired by the cosmos and its endless possibilities. It is abstract, modern, futuristic, in other words, simply magical. You can describe the cosmic nails as the magic of endless blue, deep purple, and pitch black, combined with a silver, gold, or copper metallic finish.

The New Cosmic Cat Eye Gel collection includes 5 different colors and a magnet to elevate those cosmic nails to another level. With the Liquid Aurora  and Flash Diamond Topcoat from the Beyond Beauty collection, the Cat Eye Gels are a gift from the galaxy! While creating these magical nails, be sure to use a deep, dark or black shade. It's like sculpting the night sky on your nails.

cat eye gel nails
cat eye gel collection
cosmic gel nails

Combine Cat Eye gel with BCOLOUR, Gellak or Sopolish

BColour Essentials - 6 pcs

BColour Essentials - 6 pcs

Gellak 1081 Noir de Noir 10 ml

Gellak 1081 Noir de Noir 10 ml

Sopolish 49 Noir de Noir 8 ml

Sopolish 49 Noir de Noir 8 ml

Create Nail Art Looks with Cat Eye Gel

French Cat Eye Look

french gel manicure

The Cat Eye Collection takes inspiration from the depths of the universe. The cosmic Cat Eye look that reinvents the classic French manicure. Think endless blues, deep purples, and pitch-black shades, all laced with a silver, gold, or copper metallic finish. It's a fusion of the mystical and the glamorous that sets the stage for true perfection. Tip: to get the best result, apply on a dark or black base. 

Cat Eye Stone

cat eye stone gel manicure

Encouraging us to look beyond traditional beauty, the Cat Eye Stone look allows you to immerse yourself in a world of limitless creativity. Just as the planet Jupiter is known for its vibrant and ever-changing atmospheric bands, the Cat Eye Stone look incorporates the colour Jupiter to create a dynamic, multi-dimensional effect on your nails. When you apply Cat Eye Jupiter Gel, you're inviting the cosmic essence of the planet to adorn your nails with its radiant and transformative beauty. 

Two Toned Cat Eye

two toned gel nails

The two toned cat eye look shows you that you can play with the different Cat Eye colors in one design. So don't let that stop you from using the colors together. Here you see a combination with the colors Earth & Mars giving you a deep black design with immense dimensions.

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